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I sopisticated drill bit with a soft blue backgroundWhen you have a broken, missing, or infected tooth, you don’t want to endure multiple dental visits to restore your smile. With Ultratooth, your tooth replacement is a one-visit solution, leaving you able to walk out of your dental appointment with a fully functioning dental implant. To experience the full smile you deserve, visit Dr. Tigran, at A Smiling Heart Dentistry in Bellevue, Washington. Call or use the convenient online scheduling tool today, and bring back your smile in one visit!

Ultratooth Q & A

What is Ultratooth?

Ultratooth is the only FDA-cleared immediate dental implant that is fully functional as soon as it’s placed in your mouth. Capable of replacing single or multiple teeth, Ultratooth can be loaded into fresh extraction sockets, which previously needed to heal before receiving an implant.

How does Ultratooth install faster than traditional implants?

The former method of screw-type implants required a healing time of four to six months in order for the bone to fully attach to the implant before a fully functional crown replacement could be installed.

In contrast, Ultratooth uses an innovative expansion feature that immediately fixates into the jaw’s soft bone, achieving maximum stability. Since the tooth is instantly stable, the healing process can occur while still using the tooth fully.

How does Ultratooth’s expansion feature work?

Ultratooth implants feature a unique shape, similar to the shape of the Eiffel Tower when they are fully expanded. The four pods at the base expand and lock into the surrounding bone, achieving a full integration immediately. This feature allows the posts to achieve a wider point of contact and cover up to 35% more surface area than the traditional post styles, allowing them to be fully load-bearing right away.

Studies show that the unique design of Ultratooth limits the coronal bone loss usually seen in traditional screw-type implants. Additionally, the bone density and quality surrounding the Ultratooth and its adjacent teeth improve due to the compaction that occurs through the expansion process.

How are Ultratooth implants placed?

Your dentist installs the Ultratooth post into the tooth socket while the post is still in its closed position. Once the post is installed, they use a specially designed mechanism to open the post and make contact with the jaw bone immediately. The posts are crafted to only expand to the maximum amount necessary to ensure that it fits securely in the socket with a minimal amount of pain and inflammation.

What should I expect after my Ultratooth procedure?

While you will be provided with a personalized after-care plan when you leave the office with your new Ultratooth implant, you can expect to emerge with fully functioning new tooth replacements. Meaning that you can leave your appointment and immediately bite into an apple.

When properly placed at an Ultratooth Certified Provider, like A Smiling Heart Dentistry, Ultratooth implants have a success rate of over 95% and can last a lifetime with proper care.

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