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Professional Cleanings
Bellevue, WA

One of the operatories at A Smiling Heart Dentistry in Bellevue, WA where you may have a dental cleaningDental cleanings are a necessary part of your oral hygiene. At our Bellevue office, our dental cleanings are performed by our skilled dental hygienist. The cleaning involves removing plaque, tartar and surface stains. We hope that with regular cleanings, we can help prevent cavities and periodontal disease. Using a variety of tools, our dental hygienist will help clean your gums and the surface of your teeth.

Depending on your needs, our hygienist may use tools including a hand scraper and an ultrasonic cleaner, which is used with a water sprayer to loosen and remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. This process may be mildly uncomfortable. We may even sand and smooth the roots of your teeth in order to remove plaque and other bacteria. Finally, we brush your teeth with a rotary brush and gritty paste to polish and clean your teeth, removing surface stains that have accumulated with normal use. After doing this, we may floss your teeth and offer a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth. You will feel the clean of a brighter, healthier mouth. Dental cleanings and examinations twice a year help you save money, time, and pain: we catch the problems before they become bigger problems.

How do Dental Cleanings help you?

Dental Cleanings help you by:
•  Reducing the occurrence of cavities by removing plaque and tartar that has been missed from regular brushing.
•  Freshen your breath. We remove food particles that are missed with regular brushing and cause odors.
•  Whiter smiles are created by removing surface stains that occur with regular use.
•  Stop periodontal disease in its tracks. Gum disease is never cured, just maintained. We want to help stop future tooth loss.

Dental cleanings are followed with an examination by one of our dentists, Drs. Tigran, Furca, and Smith. Contact A Smiling Heart Dentistry at (425) 532-3200 today to schedule your dental cleaning.
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Professional Cleanings | A Smiling Heart Dentistry - Dentist in Bellevue, WA
Dental cleanings and examinations from our team at A Smiling Heart Dentistry twice a year help you save money, time, and pain. Learn more here!
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